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40 Years of Delivering Excellence.

Jacobs Radio Australia (JRA) stands as a fully Australian-owned enterprise, specialising in defence contracting and electronics. Since its inception in 1977, we have dedicated over four decades to providing the Navy, Army, and Air Force with superior products, systems, and services.

Our core competencies encompass a broad range of offerings, from power solutions and bespoke equipment for Army & Navy operations to advanced simulators, military vehicle equipment, and sophisticated command and control systems.

JRA's proven track record in the demanding and technology-driven defence sector underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and our capability to meet the evolving needs of our clients



With over four decades of experience, Jacobs Radio has established itself as a leader in the defence industry, providing innovative solutions that meet the complex demands of military operations. Our long-standing history of excellence reflects our deep commitment to quality, reliability, and the continuous advancement of our products and services.

We uphold the highest standards of accountability in every aspect of our operations. We are committed to delivering on our promises, ensuring transparency, and maintaining integrity in our engagements with clients, partners, and stakeholders.


Committed to Building Australian

Jacobs Radio is dedicated to Australian manufacturing, emphasising our commitment to local production and innovation. Our focus on utilising homegrown talent and resources reinforces the quality and reliability of our defence products and services, whilst supporting the national economy.

  • Over the years we've delivered a lot of projects both big and small. Below are some of our achievements.





    Custom Products Designed


    Pieces of our equipment still in active service


    Built-to-print 3000+ products for ADF and Primes

  • We've operated under the strictest quality assurance standards since 1987.

    1. 1987 - AS1821

    2. 1992 - AS3901

    3. 1997 - AS9001

    4. 2008 - ISO9001

    5. 2006 - DRSS

    6. 2014 - LORS

  • Jacobs Radio (Australia) Pty. Ltd. (JRA) is a 100% Australian-owned Defence Contracting and Electronics company. Established in 1977, JRA have been supplying products, systems and services for Navy, Army and Air Force programs for the past 36 years. Active in the following fields:

    1. Power Equipment Subs, Frigates, Patrol Boats

    2. Special Naval Equipment Subs, Frigates, Patrol Boats

    3. Simulators Ship’s Switchboard

    4.  Military Vehicles Equipment M113A

    5.  Special Army Equipment M113A

    6.  Communications Systems Infrared Comms System

    7. Cable Assembly & Harness Raven, Navy

    8.  Build-to-print Army, Navy

    • Custom Products Development to MILSPECs

    • Hardware & Software Development

    • Expertise in EMC compatibility to MIL-STD-461

    • Evaluation of Reliability to MIL-HDBK-217

    • Expertise in Environmental & EMI/RFI Qualification

    • Build-to-Print manufacturing

    • Wiring / Cable Harnesses

    • Magnetic Components

A Company Proud of its Achievements.


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