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Helicopter Earthing Pole

Our Helicopter Earthing Pole provides essential grounding for helicopters, enhancing safety during operations by effectively discharging static electricity.

The Helicopter Earthing Pole is pivotal in ensuring safety during helicopter operations. It plays a critical role in discharging static electricity, which accumulates naturally during flight. This accumulation poses a significant risk of sparking upon contact with the ground or other objects, potentially leading to equipment damage or safety hazards. By providing a safe pathway for static discharge, the Helicopter Earthing Pole mitigates these risks, ensuring the protection of personnel and equipment alike.

  • Designed for use across various military and civilian applications, this pole is instrumental in preventing the risks associated with static build-up, including potential sparks that could endanger personnel and equipment during landing or takeoff. As a Military Off-The-Shelf (MOTS) product, it offers the advantage of ready availability and compatibility with a wide range of helicopter models, ensuring a high degree of flexibility and reliability for operators seeking immediate and effective grounding solutions.

    • Material: High-grade conductive materials resistant to corrosion and environmental conditions.

    • Conductivity: Optimised for rapid and efficient static discharge.

    • Compatibility: Designed for universal application across a wide range of military and civilian helicopters.

    • Durability: Engineered to withstand harsh operational environments and repetitive use.

    • Portability: Lightweight design with compact dimensions for easy transportation and storage.

    • Certification: Meets or exceeds relevant safety and performance standards for grounding equipment.


    • DoD Drwg. 502AMR418(2) 

    • Military Handbook MIL-HDBK-419A (Grounding, Bonding, and Shielding for Electronic Equipment and Facilities)

    • MIL-HDBK-274A(AS) - Electrical Grounding for Aircraft Safety

    • CASA Ac 21-99(1) - Aircraft Wiring and Bonding

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